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Chinese characters for everybody

Ideal for learning Chinese characters. 675 Chinese characters in an artistic prespective.
Almost 700 pages Chinese characters explained and visualised by various artists.

Chinese script for everybody

The Chinese script consists of thousands of characters. With the book China-Y, Chinese characters for everybody the author Hans Kisling describes 675 of them.
675 Chinese characters that have been explained, beginning with the Chinese character history, ending with modern Chinese script. In the book you experience the development through the ages. The characters are also illustrated by a work of art, and a literary text that fit the character and often add a further explanation. The rich Chinese cultural history is explained character by character and therefore comprehensible for the westerner.

A book to get a grip on the Chinese script. But also a gorgeous book to take the first steps towards learning to recognize the Chinese signs. Handy when you want to learn Chinese characters, or if you plan to travel to China. The book is written in English of a clear and comprehensible nature.

Art lovers have also discovered China-Y, Chinese characters for everybody. In addition to the explanation of the Chinese characters they appreciate it as a fascinating coffee-table book. Every page brings a surprise. With more than 100 artists participating, a rich variation is guaranteed in this Chinese art book.

China-Y, Chinese characters for everybody is an absolute must for book lovers, art lovers and China experts, or for those who want to become one. And after the Olympic Games in Beijing, China-Y, Chinese characters for everybody remains very relevant and an essential addition to your library.

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720 pages

675 Chinese characters explained

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Almost 700 pages Chinese characters explained and visualised by various artists.

The author explaining charactersThe author spent 34 years, or 280 million heartbeats, in developing the book. The final product emerged from four basic manuscripts, based on 87 sources of investigation. Numerous participants made small or large contributions to its ‘birth’. 7000 Chinese characters were analysed. About 4000 Chinese characters are to be published. A total of 65,000 hours of investigation and production by the author were spent in achieving the final result.

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