The Author

The author

Hans Kisling, 1944

The author Hans Kisling

Empire of Chinese symbols

In the Oase bar in Marrum, Fryslân, I killed countless serene waiting hours studying thoroughly the intelligent and sympathetic book of Cecilia Lindqvist, China, Empire of living symbols, New York, 1991 (from the Swedish original: Teknens Rike, 1989, which has now appeared in translation in the Netherlands as Het karakter van China, 2007).
Without a glass of wine because I had to concentrate and to drive afterwards. And out of respect for a neighbouring relation who was slowly bound to die.
In my documentation center in Franeker I compared the etymological discoveries of Lindquist to mine and was glad to find new views which I inserted in the broad field of solid and unsolid theories.
For readers of my book China-Y, I can strongly recommend Lindqvist as a step from my popular science book towards her deeper, archeological approach.

Hans Kisling

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