Why making this book?

The author explaining characters

My dedication:

Bloodshed and prosecutions
were bleeding in my blood.
As a child I swore
to contribute to peace.
This book is my humble present.

Translation: A feeling of guilt to the wars that affected my family and mankind was the motor. Original sin. This book is my part of the collective payment.

Chinese characters for everybody…

Chinese characters for nobody???

Modern Chinese characters can look quite forbidding.
By unravelling their history and reconstructing their ancestry China-Y provides a guidebook into the magnificent world of symbols and images at the root of Chinese script.

history chinese character

‘A child can do the washing.’
Dutch expression for: it is as simple as that.
Children can read traffic signs
if not deformed by graffiti
Children can read Chinese original naive symbols
if not deformed by history
The author washes away the deformations by history
and the simple designs light up
A fairytale garden with millions of symbols
is hidden under the dust of history
… an incredible treasure trove
The author wipes of the dust
and a wondrous paradise of images appears
… miraculous
… enchanting
… amazing
… mind blowing
… and abundantly loving and laughing

Chinese characters explained

Nothing ominous in Chinese characters
but pure human life
of all nations
of every family
… birth
… love
… suffering
… passing on